What is EUROsimA?

EUROsimA is an academic simulation of the European-level decision making mechanisms and institutions. With a reference to the founding ideas behind this annual conference,
EUROsimA symbolizes “European Union Simulation in Ankara”. Since its very first session in 2005, EUROsimA has evolved into a parade of diverse cultures and perspectives on world politics.

The concept of simulation, in the sense adopted by EUROsimA, has a long history. Many different international organizations, most popular ones being the United Nations, NATO and the European Union, have been academically simulated by high-school and university students for a long time. In such conferences, students imitate diplomats, ministers or parliamentarians; by all means including the language, attitude and outfit. During the course of a typical simulation conference, students who act like real representatives of a state or political entity discuss recent, historical or completely frictional issues and try to reach a compromise with their counterparts, in the sessions moderated by committee directors who are also students like them.

EUROsimA takes the concept of simulation to a whole new level through establishing a simulation experience which realistically reflects the procedures and decision-making mechanisms in the European politics, within the borders of a country that is located just in the middle of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. The simulation practice developed by EUROsimA, with the help of experiences from a decade of foreign policy simulation, is unique in a sense that it involves an analysis and reformulation of complex decision making mechanisms of the European politics, as to facilitate the familiarity of the students with the real decision making processes in the European intergovernmental bodies. Furthermore, EUROsimA involves a social and cultural program that aims to relax the participants after long hours of debate, provide them chances to socialize and help them to build a network of future politicians that share similar interests.

For more than ten years, EUROsimA has been trying to develop a mutual understanding between the European community and Turkish citizens. This effort has been many times appreciated by prestigious institutions such as the Republic of Turkey Ministry for EU Affairs, Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, municipalities and other public and civil authorities; through their participation in the sessions of EUROsimA, their sponsorship and their support for the activities associated with EUROsimA. In addition to these, EUROsimA was mentioned in the EU progress report of the Ministry for EU Affairs, which once more emphasized the contribution of events like EUROsimA to the Europeanization efforts in Turkey.

Every year, EUROsimA hosts more than 300 participants from different countries all across the world. That includes foreign policy enthusiasts from high schools as well as university students from a wide range of disciplines such as Law, International Relations, European Studies, Political Science, History, Media & Communication, Engineering and Interpretation. All participants of EUROsimA are highly-trained individuals with a good command in oral and written English in addition to a general understanding of international politics. Participants are carefully selected among hundreds of applicants whoseapplications are evaluated by the executive committee.