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Allies of World War II (JCC)

When the invasion of Poland had commenced by Hitler in September, the old continent of Europe was about to experience the greatest political divide leading through the largest death toll in its long history. Under the leadership of NSDAP, the Third Reich broke herself free from the all restrictions of Treaty of Versailles, and German war-machine was ready to begin its onslaught. France immediately followed her promise to Poland and declared war on Germany along with United Kingdom whilst United States was trying to isolate herself from the never-ending conflicts of the old continent. Soviet Union was enjoying her new lands as a result of prosperous non-aggression treaty with Germany, The Alliance of WW1 was long gone, friendships were forgotten, and the world was dragging into the abyss of unknown. It is easy to create politics against your enemies for a certain degree, on the contrary to the burden of forging alliances while preserving your precious national interests. Will you able to do it, delegate? Will you able to forge a new Alliance against the Axis machine of war?

Allies of World War II will be simulated as a crisis committee and we​ recommend this committee for highly experienced delegates

Agenda Item: open agenda

Study Guide Rules of Parliamentary Procedure Handbook

Committee Director Resp0nsible for the  USA: Deniz Yontuk (

Committee Director Responsible for the United Ally Command : Emre Can Çalışkan (

Committee Director Responsible for the USSR:

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