Position Papers

At EUROsimA 2015, delegates are expected to write a position paper for each topic discussed in their committee.

The position paper should briefly outline your Member State’s/political group’s policy regarding the topics on the table. Since it clearly defines the strategy your delegation will put to use during the conference, it will be your point of reference and it is a policy statement from which you are not expected to stray. The paper should mention what points your delegation is ready to discuss and how far it aims to go, as well as what your delegation is not ready to discuss.

The total length of the position paper should not exceed 500 words. Delegates should save their position papers in DOC, DOCX or PDF format and send their position paper to the responsible Under-Secretaries-General for their committee via e-mail until April 20, 2015. E-mail addresses of the Under-Secretaries-General can be found on our website, in the relevant pages of committees.

For detailed information about the content and the format of a position paper, please refer to the documents below:

Important Note for the Delegates in Greenpeace

A position paper should reflect each National/Regional Organization’s take on the issues on the agenda. In order to explain their strategy, Trustees must give information on the actions their National/Regional Organizations have taken so far, their targets and priorities concerning the issues, and how they aim to solve them.

Important Note for the Delegates in European Commission

As the Commission’s work concerns the interests of the European Union as a whole, all Commissioners are expected to come up with constructive ideas for a future proposal, explaining how and why their ideas would benefit the Union.