Dating back to the informal “Summit Councils” during the 1960s, the European Council is now the main force that defines the European Union’s political direction and priorities. It gathers the heads of state or government of the 28-member states in the form of summit meetings that take place at least twice every six months. By assembling the highest authorities of the members of the Union, the European Council creates a common ground for all member states to agree on new common policies. Fundamentally, it establishes the collective responsibility of the leadership of European diplomacy vis-à-vis the major European and world problems. It is a body which provides the Union with the necessary impetus for its development; it sets the necessary political guidelines and resolves issues that threaten the unity and progress of the Union.

This summit’s agenda will consist of two of the most critical issues that the Union is facing today. First, a timeless debate among the Union will be discussed again; the Western Balkans enlargement of the EU. The member states will decide who has what it takes to join the EU among 4 candidates and 2 potential candidates. Second, the 28 heads of states / governments will discuss the EU-NATO relations in the new international security environment. The current strategic environment brings unprecedented challenges which necessitated cooperation between the EU and NATO, especially since the security of both organizations are inter-connected. How the relations will shape is up to the discretion of the member states.

Under-Secretary General responsible for the committee: Melis Bayram
Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Derin Eryılmaz
Agenda Item I: Western Balkans Enlargement of the European Union 
Agenda Item II: Reassessment of European Union and NATO Relations in the New International Security Environment

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