Established in 1952 as the Common Assembly of the European Coal and Steel Community, the European Parliament maintains its importance as the heart of democracy in the European Union by speaking for more than 500 million citizens. Its members are elected directly every five years by the citizens of member states since 1979. What makes it unique is that its diversity as all 28 member states of the European Union send their representatives to promote a latitudinarian platform. It serves as the law-making body of the European Union with legislative, budgetary and supervisory responsibilities.
     On the other hand, the European Union has faced endless criticism since its establishment. This year, the Members of the European Parliament will hear the raising voice of Euroscepticism around Europe and analyze the events that cause oppositionist movements against the European Union. In the end, they are expected to find solutions to make Europe “united in diversity”. They will also pay attention to the protection of personal data as they try to improve cyber-security within the European Union. Thus, they will create a safer Europe for their citizens.

Under-Secretary General responsible for the committee: Nuh Mete Yıldız
Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Şakir Muhammet Er

Agenda Item I: Euroscepticism: The Concerns Regarding the European Integration
Agenda Item II: Cyber-Security and the Protection of Personal Data in the European Union

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