Accommodating the foreign affairs and defence ministers of the member states of European Union, Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) has some of the most crucial aspects of European Union in its scope. It primarily deals with issues regarding the foreign and defence policy, foreign trade, humanitarian aid, and development. Chaired by the High Representative Federica Mogherini, the council is assigned with ensuring unity in these spheres, in other words it is concerned with the external actions that the European Union takes and providing them with effectiveness. As it is of utmost importance to have a robust security and defence policy which the members pursue within the line of EU, Foreign Affairs Council works in order to procure the most comprehensive policies that are to maintain stability and help realize the ambitions of EU. Iran Nuclear Deal is a significant case in this context, as the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement and the new sanctions imposed on Iran risk the endurance of the entire agreement thanks to which the nuclear arms development of Iran halted. Although many countries still support the agreement and the IAEA reports conclude that Iran is complying with the conditions, EU leadership is needed to maintain the agreement especially when U.S. is not cooperating and trade with Iran is so important for EU. After all, an Iran which throws away the agreement and begins to advance nuclear energy and weaponry would be a return to nuclear threat in Middle East and uncertainty across the world.

Under-Secretary General responsible for the committee: Hüseyin Serhat Arıkan
Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Yiğit Sezer
Agenda Item : European Union Leadership in Maintaining Iran Nuclear Deal and European Union Trade with Iran

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