The European Commission can be seen as the politically independent executive branch of the European Union. The Commission is currently composed of 28 Commissioners, also known as the College, who work in tandem to further the interests of the EU by proposing the necessary measures through initiatives. These Commissioners each hail from one of the Member States of the EU and are chosen by the President of the Commission. These Commissioners change every five years along with the elections of the European Parliament.
     In EUROsimA 2019, the European Commission will be simulated in the year 2028, with the Commissioners discussing issues pertaining to the integrity of the European Union in a variety of areas. These Commissioners will have to address key questions about the core principles of the Union and decide which path it will take going into the new decade.

Under-Secretary General responsible for the committee: Selin Kumbaracı kumbaraci@eurosima.org
Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Bera Karagüzel karaguzel@eurosima.org
Agenda Item: Reassessing the Integrity of the European Union

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