“La pitié c'est la trahison.” (Pity is treason.)
-Maximilien Robespierre

     After the fall of Louis XVI and the rise of National Convention, the revolutionary wave was already spread all over the French soil and beyond. Two committees, Committee of Public Safety and Committee of General Security were established with the main aim of maintaining the order against counter-revolutionary uprisings and acting as the decision making organ. The committee members were chosen from different groups of people coming from various backgrounds. Following this new establishment, Maximilien Robespierre and his followers started to distinguish from other members with their rigid and unmerciful statements towards these counter-revolutionary actions. The transformation of those statements to actions had laid the foundation of a period which will forever be remembered as the years of a pure terror; full of mass deaths and guillotine sounds. Starting from April 1793, 24 honourable members of COPS and COGS will try to overcome the conflicts originated from authority clashes between two committees as well as the betrayals within themselves- and give an answer to the question of whether terror will be able to engrave ideas into minds of thousands or rather destroy its own creators?

Under-Secretary General responsible for the committee: İlkyaz Deniz Bilgiç bilgic@eurosima.org
Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Feyzan Güngör fgungor@eurosima.org
Agenda Item: Open Agenda

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Country Matrix of Committee of Public Safety
Country Matrix of Committee of General Security

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