Council of the European Union meets in ten different configurations to debate upon various subjects. Configurations have different areas of responsibility and all configurations are able to take a decision on which act is decided upon. Participants for these configurations are the ministers or state secretaries from all member states, relevant to the subject of discussion. Configurations has a no hierarchical power over another except for the General Affairs Council which is responsible for administrative and coordinative matters additionally.
      Justice and Home Affairs Council is one of the ten configurations that exists in the Council of the European Union. Justice and Home Affairs Council aims to build common policies and strengthening cooperation for member states on security and justice related matters. Justice Ministers are responsible to increase cooperation in judicial areas like civil, criminal and fundamental rights while home affairs ministers’ (or related minister) main objectives are migration, border security, police cooperation. Important up-to-date matters such as immigration, civil protection and vital security issues threat of terrorism and organized crime falls under the responsibility of the Justice and Home Affairs Council as well. Providing a high level of security to the citizens of Europe is one of the most prominent goals that the JHA Council has.

Under-Secretary General responsible for the committee: Alper Durukan durukan@eurosima.org
Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Sidar Aslanoğlu aslanoglu@eurosima.org
Agenda Item I: Tackling the Issue of Returning Foreign Fighters in the European Union
Agenda Item II: Increasing Cooperation against Drug Related Organized Crime among Members

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