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European Union Competitiveness Council (COMPET)

Ten different configuration meetings exist with in the Council of the European Union which is a single legal entity. Increasing growth and the enhancing competitiveness in the European Union is done by the Competitiveness Council of European Union Works which serves as a policy maker and is one of the ten configurations of the European Union which are divided into spesific affairs so that the work of European Union regarding those spesific matters are done much more effienctly and smoothly. No kind of a hierarchy among the Council configurations exist.

Competitiveness Council of European Union’s main focuses are economy, trade, innovation, industry and space. Competitiveness Council of European Union gathers the ministers or state secretaries of members states of the European Union who are responsible for these matters and these ministers have the right to commit the governemnt of their country and cast its vote. These meetings takes place at least for times a year. The participation of the relevant European Commissioners in these meetings are seen. Invitation is sent to the European Central Bank when a legislative procedure is launched.

The configurations within the Counicl of the European Union have the power to adopt an act that falls und the remit of another configuration. Thus it is seen that any legislative act the Council of the European Union adopts is made of the configurations unless there is a mention.

The next meetings in 2018 of the configuration will be held at 1st of February, 12th of March and 28 of May.

Under-Secretary General Responsible for the Committee: Emirhan Haznedar

Agenda Items:

1. Space policy of the European Union

2. European Union’s policy on the future of Artificial Ingelligence

Committee Director: Mehmet Batuhan Çam  (

Committee Director: Didem Özçakır (

Study Guide Rules of Parliamentary Procedure 

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