Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is EUROsimA?
What is the language of the conference?
Is there a dress code during the conference?
What to bring with me?
I need a visa for Turkey, what should I do?
Do you provide financial assistance/scholarship for the participants?
Will it be a problem if I am not familiar with the Rules of Procedure?
What about the social events?


Shall I be an EU citizen to apply for EUROsimA?
How and when to apply?
What are the positions I can apply for?
What is a delegation?
What is the size of a delegation?
Shall I apply as a delegation or not? I’m confused.
How many observers can an institution send to observe its delegates?
What is the Country Matrix?
Where are the payment details?

Role Descriptions

Who is a delegate?
Who is a committee director?
Who is an administrative staff?
Who is a press member?
For which position shall I apply? I’m confused.