Welcoming Letter – 2016

Dear Prospective Participants of EUROsimA 2016,

It is our great honour and pleasure to welcome you to the 12th annual session of EUROsimA held by METU Foreign Policy and International Clubs in Ankara. EUROsimA 2016 will take place between 19th and 24th of April.

Since 2005, EUROsimA has been a prestigious conference aiming to strengthen the participants’ knowledge of the institutions of European Union and European politics. As the simulation of European Union, EUROsimA did not just provide diplomatic discussion forum but also an opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

As the team of EUROsimA 2016, we want to maintain our conference’s tradition of success and academic intensity combined with the consistency with the authenticities of politics. Therefore, we have come up with a unique set of innovative and challenging committees. Besides the classic EU committees, participants will also enjoy a court that is going to be simulated for the first time in EUROsimA, and non-EU committees that include a historical committee and an association. Participants will find the opportunity to discuss a wide array of global problems particularly related with our theme, “Development within harmony”.

In addition to four days of diplomatic discussions and social events in Ankara, our foreign participants will also enjoy two days of cultural trip to Istanbul before the conference in order to get familiar with Turkish culture.

As the team of EUROsimA 2016, we are looking forward to seeing you all in our lovely campus to share a unique experience with European politics and form lasting friendships.


Ayça Hüma Şen
Director-General of EUROsimA 2015

Deniz Ayyıldız
Secretary-General of EUROsimA 2015