Welcoming Letter

Esteemed Participants and Honourable Guests,

I am Ali Berk İdil and I will be at your service as secretary-general of EUROsimA 2017 which will be held in METU on 20-23 April 2017. It is not only an honour to serve you all as the academic responsible for the conference but it is also the utmost pleasure of the academic and organization teams to have the opportunity to offer you a conference in which I believe you will leave with nothing less than enjoyable and unforgettable memories.

We have been preparing this conference with tremendous effort and increasing intensive endeavour to serve the theme that we have carefully determined for this year: “Integrity with Harmony”. EUROsimA has always been following the changing political landscapes however this year’s conference is truly marked with extra-ordinary and extreme developments that concerns all of the international community. European Union and Europe has to observe and take necessary actions in the light of these events and it is possible to say most of its institutions and many of its prominent figures are at the crossroads.

With the opportunity we are providing through the 4 amazing days of EUROsimA, participants will have the chance to experience a realistic simulation in which they will put themselves in the shoes of the ones who are at the crossroads. Recent events have definitely proved that the world is in such social circumstances that many decision have to be made however choices are plenty. Integrity of the European Union is now being tested and the harmony that has been created so far by its member states seems as the only possible way out to save the future of the Union.

I cannot contemplate of any better time than to discuss both the past and the future of Europe than today. Refugee crises, the rise of Euroscepticism, development of contradicting foreign policy within the union, trade and commerce issues have all been discussed recently and European Union needs to address all the issues at once. Alongside with its core and essential institutions such as the European Council, the Parliament and the Commission; some particular historical events should also be simulated. Of course, very important cases that addressed the Bosnian Genocide will also be revisited. With such comprehensive approach and dedicated effort, I believe all the participants who plan to attend EUROsimA 2017 will be able to comprehend the current situation in Europe and even develop sophisticated ideas about it.

In order to realize our common aim, which is to understand the European Union further, I invite all of you to come and join us in our pursuit of knowledge whereas which will also lead you to a great amount of amusement and an unforgettable experience in the heart of the METU campus.

Best Regards,

Ali Berk İDİL – Secretary-General of EUROsimA 2017