Council of the

 European Union

Due to its duty of negotiating and adopting legislative acts, the Council is considered as one of the European Union's decision-making organs, alongside the European Parliament. In the Council, the members will be ministers sent by their countries’ governments as responsible for both the directive and the regulation. Firstly, Council of the European Union will engage in a discussion about how to design a “European Climate Law” as part of a broader mission of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 under the European Commission’s regulation proposal. The discussions will revolve around jobs, growth, and sustainable policy-making. To formulate a common European response to the climate emergency, discussions will revolve around a procedure that requires strong interaction with the European Parliament in order to improve and adopt the Commission’s regulation proposal.  Secondly, Council will discuss upon the directive on “Adequate minimum wages in the European Union” proposed by the European Commission. The aim is to set out a roadmap to ensure adequate minimum wages within the Union to sustain a resilient and prosperous European community, and ensure the accessibility to such adequate minimum wages by the workers of the Union by full confidence and ease. Therefore, Council will be debating upon the ways and means to achieve the aforementioned goals of the directive by making amendments when necessary in a reciprocal procedure with the European Parliament.

Chair Balakaan Başak