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Futuristic European Union Council

The European Council is the guiding body of the European Union, deciding which political path shall be taken and how the union should go about walking this path. It drives the European Union forward by choosing its priorities and providing general guidelines in its continuous endeavour for development.

Since 1974, the date in which the Council has become official, it has operated as a summit for the Heads of State or Government of the Member States. The Council convenes at least four times in different European cities each year, as well as holding added summits to address special issues. In these meetings lead by the President of the European Council, the highest political authority from each of the 28 member states represents their country, defending its position while trying to reach a consensus. The European Council takes decisions independently from other EU institutions; however, it does not have any legislative powers and so these decisions remain legally non-binding guidelines.

As for EUROsimA 2018, the Council will be present both in its historical and futuristic forms. In the Futuristic European Council of 2020, the Heads of States will be discussing a rather contemporary phenomenon, territorial integrity movements within European Union and the EU’s stance over the newly detached territories’ membership to the Union. With the focus being on Scotland and Catalonia, the heads of state will be discussing the re-Europeanization of the distanced counterparts.

Under-Secretary General Responsible for the Committee: Ekin Su Yılmaz 

Agenda Item: Re-europeanization: Contemplating on Catalonian and Scotland Independency

Committee Director: İnci Çetin (

Committee Director: Onat Yarkın Dikkatli (

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