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Historical Committee

Reunification of Germany: the Two-Plus-Four Talks of 1990

Under-Secretary-General: Tan Elçin

Academic Assistant: Umut Barış Doğan

The year 1990 eyes a Europe suffering from tectonic transformations. The status quo had its say for too long. Habits from an obsolescent world order of dichotomy and the burdensome remnants of the last World War come to surface in the open wounds of the German society. Timid whispers that yearn for reunion have built up patiently and now thunderingly erupt as an anthem of the masses, as a rightful demand to fight for. Stability is permanently disturbed. The European continent is hungry for a change in its borders and order of precedence. The four imperial giants find themselves half a century later, after having coarsed though persistent winds and with the memory of a cold winter, forced to hammer out a way out of this impasse. Needless to say, the two separated “siblings” are to head into their own onerous confrontation, to relive, repent for and rectify the mistakes of their past. At this moment in history, bitter or anodyne, all the necessary measures are to be listed out and carried out for a healthy recovery to avoid organ rejection. Only then one can deal with the faith and fear in the future. Now, it is time to stitch the two Germanies back up.


This year, the delegates in the Historical Committee will be given a chance to reimagine European and international politics by partaking in the intricate diplomatic process that resulted in the German reunification. Through crisis and negotiation, the responsibility lies on them to invent a formula that addresses a myriad of problems in domestic and foreign policy, military, economy and society. Regardless of whether it is an exemplary act of peace and diplomacy, or (while not our official recommendation) a scenario of chaos and further division that the delegates end up with; the scenic views of the Rhein and the well-prepped “World Room” of the FRG’s Foreign Ministry in Bonn will be happily welcoming the contribution of the delegates of the Two-Plus-Four Talks. 


“What belongs together will grow together.”

Willy Brandt

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