Historical Crisis


The Troubles

“Will anyone here object if, with a ballot paper in this hand, and an Armalite in this hand, we take power in Ireland?” -Daniel Morrison, Sinn Féin bureaucrat and IRA volunteer 

Like Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ classic novel, the British government now stands to be haunted by a spirit from their unresolved, buried past: with the violent oppression of the 1981 Irish hunger strike and the martyring of Bobby Sands, the Thatcher government’s nonchalant lack of foresight is promising to inflame the tensions of The Troubles to a point of no return. 

Consequently, the vanguard party of the Irish revolution, Sinn Féin, now has awoken from its political slumber, determined to work with the Irish Republican Army to drive the British out once and for all. As Thatcher promises not to back down from her platform of imperialism and law and order while the Irish nationalists promise to retaliate, what will become of Northern Ireland as it is entrusted into a period of uncertainty and existential crisis? 

Become part of EUROsimA’s proud historical committee tradition and prepare either your ballots or Armalites or both to bring about an answer to the Anglo-Irish question.

Faik Yetgin
Sidar Aslanoğlu