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Joint Crisis Committee

The Paris Commune Uprising of 1871

Under-Secretary-General: Alkım Özkazanç

Academic Assistants: Aykut Küçükyıldız and Uğur Ozan Baygeldi

France, Spring 1871. After living through a century of political instability and numerous revolutions, the people of France have found themselves in the middle of yet another era of political turmoil. Their motherland had recently been invaded by the Germans, their previous Emperor had fled the country, and their new government had been forced to accept a humiliating armistice agreement. What ensued was even more chaotic: The embittered workers of Paris allied with the National Guard to expel the army and the government from the city, declared Paris to be a “commune” where a far-left direct democracy prevails, and they now seek to spread their revolutionary ideas to the rest of the country. The upcoming battle of pens, guns, and loyalties between the Paris Commune and the Government of the Third French Republic (which is still striving to build a “proper” country from scratch) will determine the nation’s destiny. Which one will be able to end the other’s activities and assert sovereignty despite the German military camping outside Paris: The Republic or The Commune?

“One resists the invasion of the armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.”

Victor Hugo

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