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Political and Security Committee

Agenda Items

1) European Union Training Mission in Cabo Delgado:

EUTM Mozambique

2) European Union Civilian Deployment on the Territory of the Republic of Armenia: EUMA

Under-Secretary-General: Deniz Tetik

Academic Assistants: Burak Eren Ceyhan and Zeynep Doğruyol

The Political and Security Committee (PSC) is the body responsible for the implementation of the European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). The PSC prepares consistent responses to EU-related crises in the international arena, adopting recommendations and decisions in relation to the aforementioned crises. These recommendations and decisions entail missions and operations which are discussed and planned under the roof of the PSC. Reports on these missions and operations are issued six-monthly, and Mission/Operation Commanders are appointed. Therefore, the two most important functions of the PSC are the preparation of coherent EU-wide responses to crises and the achievement of cooperation with European External Action Service bodies.

For this year’s PSC, ambassadors will have to make concrete decisions to address the humanitarian crises not only within the borders of the EU but also in different geographies. From their headquarters in Brussels, the PSC will operate in such a way as to protect civilian lives placed under distressing circumstances. Operating behind closed doors, the ambassadors will stabilise the prevailing chaos in Mozambique and Armenia through regional military actions and civilian operations. The Committee will have to act mindfully by considering current realities on the ground and geographical difficulties to give the best strategic advice to the military board of the EU, all the while avoiding a state of war.

Political and Security Committee Rules of Procedure
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