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Historical Committee:
The Belgian Revolution of 1830

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under-Secretaries-General: Burak Yağız Güllü, Uğur Ozan Baygeldi, Işıl Başkan

The 2024 Edition of EUROsimA Workshop will contain a Historical Committee, in which the Belgian Revolution of 1830 will be simulated.

The participants of this committee will simulate the historical personalities that governed the newly formed nation of Belgium in 1830 - when the Belgians revolted against the Netherlands with revolutionary fervor. They will make decisions about political, economic, diplomatic, and military questions to finalize the revolution and determine the fate of the nation. In the meantime, they will have to formulate effective responses to the various crises that may emerge along the way. 

The Historical Committee is recommended for experienced participants, especially those who have an interest in history and crisis management.

Historical Committee 

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