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European Union Simulation in Ankara

Since 2005

Our Conference's Theme

EUROsimA 2023 will focus on the theme of “Cutting the Gordian Knot: Decisive Action to Tackle Global Issues” with the aim of highlighting the European Union’s unique capacity and integrated structure, which have proven invaluable in the new age of anxieties ushered in by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the weakening of multilateralism worldwide.

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EUROsimA 2023 Applications are now OPEN!

"We sometimes forget that our greatest achievements have always come when we are bold."

Ursula Von Der Leyen

Message from Secretary-General

Dear participants, 

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all to EUROsimA 2023. Ever since I first experienced this amazing organization 5 years ago in 2018, when I was just a sophomore high school student, I always dreamed of becoming the Secretary-General here. This was actually one of the reasons why I was motivated to try and get into ODTÜ. Now, after all that time, it is thrilling to be here. Acting with this special motivation in mind, I hope to provide a unique and qualified experience for all of you who will be with us during this conference. I am certain that our team, with whom I would go to battle with, will make sure that EUROsimA 2023 goes down in history as not just one of the best of its kind, but as one of the best among all European simulation conferences in recent memory.
It is with deep anticipation that I am looking forward to experiencing this conference together.

Best regards,
Toprak Sezgin
Secretary-General of EUROsimA 2023

Message from Director-General

Dear EUROsimA participants,

As the Director-General, I am thrilled to welcome you all to the 19th annual session of EUROsimA. It is an honor to have been given the opportunity to serve as the director general in order to create a unique and memorable experience for each and every one of you. I am confident that each of you will benefit immensely from this experience and will return home with more knowledge and skills than when you arrived. Just like previous years, EUROsimA 2023 is going to be a spectacular event, offering our participants a unique opportunity to engage in simulations, debates, and other activities that will help them gain valuable insights into the complex world of international relations.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you and experiencing this great event together.

Warm Regards,

Shukria Malek Zada

Director-General of EUROsimA 2023

EUROsimA 2023 will take place on 28 April - 1 May 2023 on the campus of the Middle East Technical University, with the participation of more than 250 delegates from high schools and universities in Turkey and abroad. This year's sessions will focus on high politics, sustainability, and the supremacy of the law.

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