EUROsimA is the annual conference which has been organized by Middle East Technical University Foreign Policy and International Relations Club (METU FPIRC) since 2005. In its 18th session, EUROsimA will bring participants from all around the world together into its international atmosphere simulating the European Union.

Besides EUROsimA, METU FPIRC has four more branches namely METUMUN, Hariciye, Newsreport and Conference Team. While News Report is combining current international political news from all around the world in its weekly-published gazette, Hariciye provides future academics an opportunity to publish their articles in the student journal. The members of the club also have the chance to meet bureaucrats, diplomats, authors, scholars and academics by participating conferences and prof-chats organized by the Conference Team.

Being involved in simulation activities is not only possible through EUROsimA for the members of METU FPIRC, but also through METUMUN which is the MUN team of the club. METUMUN is the most populated branch of the club and participates several simulation conferences both in Turkey and abroad.